Saturday, January 31, 2009

Already Born

Due to a big mess in a car seat yesterday, we had to do some temporary rearranging of seats in the van. Thinking these changes were permenant, Kaiden asked me where the baby's seat was. I explained that it was still in the box at the house. Here is the rest of our conversation:

Kaiden: But the baby needs her car seat in the van!
Mommy: We'll put it in the van when she is born.
Kaiden: But she is already born.
Mommy: No, Kaiden, born is when she comes out of Mommy's tummy
Kaiden: I say she is born because she is already alive!

At that I kept quiet. Kaiden is right. So often we look at a birth date as the moment when a little one is born. But this little baby girl, though still without a name, is very much alive. It is tempting at times to turn off our hearts and hold our hopes in check until we hear her first cries. We base her existence on what our eyes can see and our ears can hear. Her eyes have already seen daylight shining through my skin. Her ears have already heard her sisters' laughter. Her feet have already danced against her sister's cheek. Though our hearts may be on hold, she is already "born".

Thank you Kaiden for reminding me once again that while March may be the due date, today is the day to enjoy our little girl's life!

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