Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Countdown

26 days left.

26 days until I will no longer look like I "have my hands full".

26 days until the middle child becomes the oldest, well, at least from 8 to 3.

26 days until our Little Miss Sunshine heads off to be a light in the world.

26 days until Kaiden starts kindergarten.

Kaiden, 2004
Of course I am over thinking the whole thing. Of course I am thinking back on all the wasted days we could have gone to the park, could have gone to the zoo, could have baked cupcakes at 10 am just because we were home and had the time.

But now her days will be full, and our house will probably feel a little empty.

I thought of jamming a thousand things into our last weeks - something special every day - plus a fun calendar or paper chain to go along with the them. 

Kaiden, 2010
But instead, I find myself just wanting to sit with her in my rocking chair and be still.  The time for a thousand things has come and gone.  Now is the time to hold her, hug her, and remind her just how much God loves her and has a wonderful plan for her life.

It will not be easy to watch her walk through the doors of school that first day.  But the comfort for me is this, though she leaves my arms, she will always be held fast by the Lord.

Lord thank you that you hold each of my children safe in your arms.  Life has clearly shown me that nothing of this world is sure, except for your presence.  Give me wisdom in the days to come as I remind Kaiden of how to recognize your presence.  May she always remember that you Lord are with her always! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Back, I Hope

What a long few months it has been. I finally checked my blog today, assuming my last posting had been sometime in late May. Wow. April 10th. That is sad.

So what kind of a summer has it been? Well, the "Happy Birthday" sign hung in my dining room on April 9th is still haning there, nearly 4 months later.

That is the kind of summer it has been.

But enough of that. I'm back. At least I hope I am.