Monday, March 2, 2009

Induction Update

We are not inducing on March 3rd.

Over the weekend, I thought for sure we would be ready. But the little one moved back up into my ribs and though she seems big and strong, the induction might be riskier if she is not fully dropped. We have scheduled for an induction on March 13th (the next available date thanks to spring break). I would like to last until the 13th, and those who know me well know just how stubborn I can be! (Not even a hurricane can send me into labor!)

Even though there are a lot of aches, I like these last weeks - making the most of quiet evenings with my family and getting to sleep in and nap knowing that no one in the house really needs me. Life will change soon enough, no reason to rush into the next season. I think I will just sit back, sip some ice tea and enjoy the beautiful sunsets while I still can.

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