Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Update

It has been a long dry fall and winter in West Central Texas.  Dry outside, and dry inside my heart.

But God is gracious, and when we ask for wisdom, He comes alongside like a kind father and gives us guidance.  And the wisdom has been pouring down now for several days like a good steady tropical rain.

An update on us... Mark, after being mostly home for the past 18 months is officially deployed again.  He left in January and will return in July.  Emma will turn 2 tomorrow and speaks new words every day.  Jordan is 4 and is a bundle of energy.  Kaiden is 6 and amazes me daily with her intellect.  And I am busy playing Super Mom, and not always doing it very well.

Which brings me to an encouraging thought for the day.  What brings glory to God?  Is it a clean home, obedient children, participation in every possible religious activity, recycling all our boxes and cans, and evangelizing our neighborhoods?  No.  What brings glory to God is when we accomplish the work He gives us to do.  Nothing more. 

Jesus only had 3 years of activity ministry.  His life ended with only 11 disciples, and a couple dozen other followers, most of whom hid away in his final hours.  Yet, in his last prayer, he said ""I glorified You (God the Father) on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do."  He never did eradicate leprosy, He never did free all held captive in demonization, He never did convince Judas to have faith.  Yet He glorified God having accomplished the work which was given Him to do.

It is freeing to know that we are not measured by our own to do lists - which are often far longer than the day allows.  We only need to do what we have been given to do.  And graciously, with God's strength, we will always be able to complete it.

That is encouraging, like fresh rain on a dry earth.

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  1. Very encouraging, Anissa! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are, what a treat to see this update pop up this morning!