Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Mile in Her Shoes

Can we please get a cart Mommy? My legs are tired!

No, it won't take long sweetie, you can make it.

Thirty minutes later, we left the store, conquered items in hand, exhausted child at my heels.

Husbands are instructed by God to live with their wives in an understanding manner. How much more so we Moms ought to live in an understanding manner with our children.

I am not the greatest cook, but when motivated, I can whip up a great meal, complete with a bread, a salad, and maybe even a set table. But that is on a good day. Most days dinner is simple and to the point. I simply don't have the energy or motivation to do my very best. And that is okay. But do I extend that same grace to my children, the grace to say "Do what needs to be done, even if it is not the very best?" How many days are they a little tired, a little under the weather, or just a little down, and yet I expect a four-course meal of perfect obedience served on fine china with a delicate floral centerpiece.

My little Jordan wanted to shop with me today. She wanted to find a present for sister's birthday. But we walked at my pace, shopped at my eye level, and left grace at the front door. Her little feet do not move as swift as mine. I wonder what a mile through a store must feel like to her. She asked for a cart, so she could keep up with me, so that she could just do what needed to be done. She knew her limits, and I was the foolish one who pushed her beyond them.

I need to slow down, see things from my children's eyes, live with them in an understanding manner and give them grace to do only what needs to be done.

What is better, to have children who strive to live every moment at the maximum of their ability, or to have children who wisely know their limits and do what needs to be done?

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