Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have a t-shirt with Grumpy the dwarf on it. Kaiden asked me one day why I was wearing it. I wittingly answered, "Maybe it will remind me not to be grumpy!" She thought about it, tipped her head slightly to the side and replied, "Could you wear that every day?"

Wow - I needed that. I am glad my four year old has the subtle boldness to let me know I have an issue with being grumpy! I have been thinking about it since then, and it seems that I have a knack for being all the 7 dwarfs throughout my week. And since there are 7 of them, maybe I could get 7 shirts - one of each dwarf - one for each day of the week.

I have my Happy days (when we go to the playground just because), my Doc days (when I am in control and fixing everything), my Sneezy days (and who in West Texas doesn't with the constant dusty wind), my Bashful days (when I want to hide in my Mommy chair and write in my journal), my Sleepy days (a three our nap on a Sunday afternoon), my Doopey days (when I finally let myself be a kid again), and of course, my Grumpy days.

Today, if I had one, I would put on my Doc shirt. I've got a pile of laundry to conquer and breakfast to accomplish. Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, it's off to wash I go.....

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  1. I have my "dwarf days" and unfortuately I don't have all seven in the right proportions!

    I think you are an awesome mom! Your love for the Lord and your girls is obvious in all you do!!