Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Good 2009

It has been a challenging year.

Adjusting to life with 3 kids, another long deployment, health problems.

I was beginning to hate 2009. I was beginning to be glad it was over. I didn't want to celebrate the New Year because I thought it would make me reflect on the old one, and I didn't want to go there.

Then came Baby Jared.

Baby Jared is my friend Sarah's 3rd baby. Her first, Noelle, is a friend of my daughters. Her second, Jeffery, I am looking forward to meeting in Heaven someday. And on December 30th Baby Jared was born.

In 2007 and 2008, were difficult years for our church as 6 women, including myself, lost children. In 2009, 6 babies were placed into each of those arms. Samantha, Emma, Sarah, Timothy, Gus, and now Jared.

I was beginning to think that 2009 was just another year full of challenge and trial. But in this single year, each family has been blessed. And for that I am thankful.

So to my mommy friends Aylin, Billie, Nancy, Katie and Sarah... I joyful wish you a happy 2010. May our hearts be as full of hope as our arms have been in 2009!


  1. As we are almost delirious with continued lack of sleep due to Samantha's difficult time teething, this post is a great reminder that full arms are indeed blessed. I thank you for the reminder and I am going to turn my thoughts to whatsoever things are good!

  2. So sorry I missed seeing you guys in Ames - I was MORE than bummed about that! :( How have you been feeling these days? Been thinking about you & praying for you! Is Mark home or gone again? I can honestly say you're one of the FEW people (whom I know) that could relate at all w/me about having Ernie gone. I'm still struggling from time-to-time because although the large portion of his traveling is completed, he still hardly ever home during Emily's waking hours which is exhausting at times and heart breaking too for both of them as he misses his baby girl more than anything and she misses her daddy tremendously. I would love to hear more from you on how you get through the times when Mark is away and how the Lord give you the strength and energy to do it w/THREE kiddos (I only have 1 right now)! :) Thanks so much and continuing to pray for you and your pain/health problems that the Lord would reveal the source in His perfect timing to you!