Sunday, August 12, 2012

Convicted to Write

Confession time -- I have abandoned writing because of a sad addiction to facebook.  That's like abandoning a steak at Perini's for a Big Mac, just because you don't want to drive the extra distance.  Yuck.

But today I realized how essential writing is to my health and my relationship with God. 

Last night, I came across my journal from 5 years ago - written in the months before and after we lost Lia to stillbirth.  I cherish that journal - it helps me remember God.  Then today in church the theme of the sermon was Remember God.  We were challenged to remember his faithfulness in all circumstances and then to rely on that proven faithfulness when moving forward in obedience.  Toward the end, our pastor spoke of how he wished he was a natural journal writer.  He instead has developed other means to help him remember the works of God in his life.  I am a journal writer - a journal writer who has written only 2 pages in 5 months -- I guess that would explain why life lately has felt like a long bike haul up a mountain with two flat tires.

Every person has a means of responding to and remembering God.  Some paint, some write poetry, some sit quietly, some sing or compose.  I was designed to write.  If I am not writing, I am not responding to God.

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